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Patient Testimonials

As a team of caring and concentious dental professionals, we value the feedback that we receive from our patients as we see this as a way to continuously improve the high level of dental care we are proud to provide at Hartswood Dental Practice. Please see some our recent feedback from our existing patients:


I would recommend Denplan because of the peace of mind, knowing that you don't have to worry about finding large amounts of money suddenly.  You find you come in regularly and is something goes wrong the service is brilliant.



My teeth spent 42 years with the NHS and 15 years with Denplan. They love Denplan because they see the hygienist every three months for a sparkle and polish and the dentist every six months to ensure they stay healthy. I like Denplan because it encourages me to make my next appointment before I leave the surgery.  Regular tooth servicing has meant less drilling, so I've been saved agony and money.



As I'm reaching an age where my teeth need regular treatment, I think the Denplan system offers very good value.  And I don't begrudge the monthly payment.



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